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Toddler Sense Book

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The new and updated edition of Toddler Sense, written by the co-author of Baby Sense and Sleep Sense - Ann Richardson - contains two new and exciting chapters to enhance an already most comprehensive book on understanding your toddler. The chapter on Your Toddler’s Sensory Profile will assist you in understanding what makes your toddler tick in his own special and unique way; and the dedicated nutrition chapter discusses fussy eating habits, fun ways to healthy nutrition as well as managing a sensory sensitive eater.

The updated and enhanced sleep chapter contains sense-able and loving guidelines to ensure a good night’s sleep for the whole family, as well as encouraging healthy separation and attachment in the toddler years.

Plenty of fun recipes for the whole family to enjoy, as well as important information about identifying potential learning disorders in the toddler years make this new and updated edition a must have for all parents of toddlers aged 1–4 years.